June 10, 2009

A Sweet Buzz

The buzz is pleasantly deafening here today as we enjoy our mention in Michelle Higgins' article in The New York Times Home & Garden section.

A Cheap Date, With Child Care from Ikea refers to our fun and economical 'Date Nights' at Ikea as well as Two and a Half Travelers' blog entry Vacations by Ikea.

We're not biased but we think the article turned out great. Not so sure about the photo that includes me chewing and making a funny face but I guess that's to be expected in an article on eating dinner at Ikea. Thankfully, The Toddler (who couldn't possibly be having more fun than he is in this photo) takes center stage.

Make sure to pick up a copy at the news stand.

Photo courtesy of: Min-bakingproject


Matt and Lauren said...

Great article! I have a weakness for Ikea's $1 cinnamon rolls. Great reward for dealing with the weekend lines.